Tuesday, March 8, 2005 Back with a day late for the due to jetlag … Welcome back everyone! Today, Women’s Day … and high school students. Newspapers interested of course women, to read especially the log folder "La Parisienne" (the famous Parisian for the occasion). But above all, daily are addressing the students, their leaders (BBC) and demands (Liberation, L’Humanite, …). The "youth peril" is back and it’s rather refreshing …! Good reading… ——————————————— – 00/01/05 Liberation the students reopen the anti-Raffarin Move ball, there is nothing to negotiate. Francois Fillon addresses its most phlegmatic social week than ever for him first, "the law does not take place in the street," the other "nothing can do that (his) reform is withdrawn." Yet this is precisely what will claim the students, called to protest today over France. Perhaps with more vigor than before the holidays: in the past, suggesting the youth it disregards justice, that his voice does not count, or would be committed collectively by the excesses of some has been a relatively safe way to swell movements. But the government seems to take pleasure in blowing on the embers after Fillon had stigmatized the "manipulation" of the students (always lively hypothesis rue de Grenelle) that Raffarin had declared the emergency on the text to Parliament, Dominique de Villepin has raised the specter of the shambles: he gave "very precise instructions to all security forces to ensure that [excesses such as those of 10 February] will not take place." The academy rectors complete the system: some timely reminder to principals that they had taken to avoid inadvertent truancy, setting veiled care for students who plan to dry. Read more of the article Nasser Ramdane, former leader of the student movement of 1990: "The youth here shows his desire for emancipation" At the time, he got 4.5 billion francs and 1,700 positions … movement leader schoolboy 1990 Nasser Ramdane, 33, is now a member of the National SOS Racism office. For him, the current student movement opposes the "brotherhood" to the "communitarianism". Read more of the article Editorial: The swallow and the high school they had obtained the postponement of the reform of the bin before Valentine’s Day, they will get more before Saint Glin-Glin? Mobilization of high school today much will depend. Low, it would restore the breath to a minister who was able to make concessions. Strong, it would bring Francois Fillon in a dangerous area. The one where the half-concessions are no longer appropriate because the more audible. Where the only ad to extinguish the movement would be the withdrawal of the project. The Minister of Education will taint his reputation, who has failed to build one indisputable with its pension reform. But it would not be the first to have to fight … retired, Alain Devaquet or Francois Bayrou, in their time, had to go through it. One swallow does not make a summer, but a holiday back in high school can affect the social climate. Beyond the rite of passage that exists in any student movement, young people may well set the tone today in a tired France to see profit rates, which it does not benefit, decide the values ??of a society. Because they are students, researchers or employees, they show Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, all express the same concern about a country increasingly under the thumb of a single financial sense. Fear of teenagers from a school subject only to the needs of companies, researchers fear of an amputee public research to the private, for fear of employees see their jobs and their purchasing power sacrificed to satisfy shareholders. An anxiety that could turn angry if government policy that claimed reconcile the French and the company continues to move away in the More section "firmness" in cases of violence Alliance first union of peacekeepers, has yesterday warned against the risk of incidents on the sidelines of the Paris demonstration of students scheduled for today in Paris and asked the organizers to set up an "effective and operational service to avoid any slippage." A statement from the police union "remember that this kind of mobilization without real internal security service can quickly escalate and cause serious disturbances to public order" and fears "of the arrival of bands organized thugs who serve as the lack of coordination to infiltrate. " The organizers have therefore provided a service of order of a hundred people of SOS Racism, LDIFs, CGT, CFDT, FO and FSU. The Paris police prefecture sets up a big security device and announces a "great firmness in case of violence or depredation." Read more of the article Matignon and the Elysee rely on rotting The Chirac-Raffarin duo opts for firmness while opening a busy social week. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 00/01/05 the disorganized student unions rivals, the students of UNL and LDIFs (national Union schoolgirl) (independent and Democratic Federation schoolgirl) dissociated themselves this weekend and decided organize their meetings separately to prepare the national demonstration on March 8th. Despite the postponement of the reform of the tank, the two unions continue to demand the withdrawal of the reform Fillon. Read more of the article Towards paying universities in Germany After 35 years of free, some states will allow tuition fees, up to 1000 € Read more of the article Europe: the invoice There are studies seven countries of the European Union where students do not contribute at all to the cost of higher education and have no compulsory contributions: Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Czech Republic and Poland (except repeater for the last two). It is also considered free in Finland and Sweden, where students are required to only pay contributions (tiny) to student organizations. This was also the case in Germany (with the exception of four Lander). In Cyprus, the situation varies from one institution to another. Read more of the article Sciences Po: the rich will still be paying more In a letter to students in January, Richard Descoings, director of Sciences Po Paris, takes stock of the first results of the new tuition system (flexible according family income, which for the most affluent, have paid up to € 4000, against 1050 € for all before). Introduced for the first time in October 2004, the system was to help the most disadvantaged and increase the resources of the Institute. Richard Descoings be announced "adjustments" Technical planned for September 2005, since the implementation has "effects contrary to the objectives", although the "new system has identified additional proceeds of 2.2 million euro " homework helper
. Read more of the article Laptops for children: the distributor against attack The distributor of mobile children and associations who fight the use should come face-to-face, this afternoon at the courthouse of Paris. ITT company has indeed assigned activists Priartem and action for the environment before the judge. The company blames the associations have, in January, led a campaign of "agitprop" on the supposed harmfulness of their product. Relayed by the media, their arguments had led alarming BHV and Carrefour to remove from sale. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 00/01/05 Lyceens stubborn! Certainly, they will not listen. Monday on LCI Francois Fillon said that the students had no reason to protest. Deaf Ministerial remonstrance, they should, nevertheless, be several thousand to scroll, aujourd, in major cities of France and particularly in Paris (starting 14 hours instead of the Republic). Between the two parties, the ultimate showdown undertakes to eight days of the passage in the Senate of the orientation bill to school Read more of the article "We are in a single fiscal logic" it is primarily the education budget that worries parents, explains Faride Hamana secretary general of the CIPF. Read more of the article "10, 50 or 100, Condorcet will be present in the demo" At the Lycee Condorcet in Paris yesterday, the movement had not yet resumed. But the will to obstruct Fillon project did not, however, gone. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 00/01/05 Why high school students are still in the DEMONSTRATE THEY street again. Nearly two months after the first rallies against the educational policy of the government, the students will again today pounding the pavement. Just back from vacation, and the Parisian students will scroll from 14 hours instead of the Republic at Denfert-Rochereau.Dans sixty other cities, including the most "improbable" as Fontenay-le-Comte in Vendee or Neufchateau in the Vosges, rallying points are planned. A crucial test for the future of the movement. For the first time since February 10 where they were 100,000 to demand – already – the withdrawal of the Fillon Act school, the movement will be in the national effect. Read more of the article What girls want the aftermath of 30 years of the law on abortion and on the eve of 60 years of voting, how adolescent girls see their lives as women? Torn between the desire to achieve anything and the fight against inequalities which have outraged them. Read more of the article "The boys believe themselves superior" "The day of what? »Marine sketch a little guilty pout. "For confess, I have never heard of March 8 …" This pretty schoolgirl freedmen tunes and attitude put mark a pause, genuinely surprised. "I find it odd to dedicate a day to women, as is done for the great causes or disease …" At 14, this good student has nevertheless already adopted this female identity that is so strange to celebrate and already lost many illusions about equality. "The boys think they are superior to us, these are little pretentious macho who already know they will walk on our toes later …" She tempers: "Well, it’s true that they are in the age beast … It was fifteen years to evolve! »Read more of the article What image do you have girls your age? "Girls are more serious and better ongoing. We are stronger physically. This creates a rivalry. Professionally, I regret there are not enough women in positions of responsibility. For them to win and prove that they are as capable as men! Although it is difficult for a man to recognize the superiority of a woman. "Stephan 18 YEARS schoolboy SEVRAN (93) Read the article ———————————- ————– the Cross of 00/01/05 the students return to the streets schoolgirls organizations expect signs, like the restoration of supervised personal work or creating jobs in September […] Read the rest of the article —————————————- ——– 20 minutes from 00/01/05 a demonstration "record" Fillon promised It’s the home stretch. The students will demonstrate this afternoon throughout France against the education reform Fillon, before it is approved by the Senate. Read more of the article The company dredger schoolchildren Movement Businesses independent human size and growth (Ethic) yesterday launched a national appeal so that entrepreneurs come to tell students "the adventure of creating a business ". This action is based on two studies Ifop and Ipsos, one in particular reveals that 93% of French people support a dialogue on business school. The launch of the appeal yesterday at the Arab World Institute, was entitled "Should we talk about the business school? ". All participants – none of Education – were in agreement on this point. For Ethic, it is to counter the "disenchantment of capitalism" and poor corporate image "transmitted by the media", emphasizing everyone’s ability to start a business. A boss for example realized the ability to work "employees failed school" and a member of the High Council for Integration praised the ability of the "dunces" to start their company. Ethic has already contacted the academy rectors and is preparing to send to school principals the results of studies on school-business relationship. Caution stakeholders on receipt of this initiative by teachers suggests the challenges that will face future stakeholders. If Sophie de Menthon, President of Ethic, was defended yesterday the "ideological war", speakers denounced the caricature of the company seems as taught in their textbooks More of Article ———————————————— – West of France 00/01/05 ———————————– Nothing seen … ————– Le Monde 00/01/05 employment remains the main concern of Jean-Pierre Raffarin edition dated March 8) Days difficult for the government. As the campaign for the referendum on the European Constitution begins, he will face a new charge Social Week. The students, all back from vacation now predicted, Tuesday, March 8, a "great national day of protest" against the Fillon bill on the school. Read more of the article From Bordeaux to Lille, the thousand and one complaints of students against the education policy of the government edition dated March 8) The abandonment of the reform of the Bachelor is not enough for students. Tuesday, March 8, and Thursday, March 10, at the call of their unions and coordinations, they must manifest everywhere in France to ask the Minister of Education, Francois Fillon, to withdraw the bill on school. The substance of the text, voted in first reading by the National Assembly on 2 March, concerned students who fear more unequal school and subjected to pressure companies. Deletions option in high school, decrease integration resources, extinction of TPE (supervised personal work) terminal … It’s all of the educational policy of the government is challenged. Testimonials from students mobilized. Read more of the article These former spokesman converted in politics edition dated March 8) Julien Dray, Michel Field, David Assouline, Isabelle Thomas, Loubna Meliane have in common is being a leader of a student movement or student and then having embraced a career in media or politics. For thirty years, the students movements usually last a few weeks but jostle governments and serve as springboards for their most brilliant spokesman, quickly propelled into public functions Read more of the article wise edition students of revolt dated March 8) a high school like any other, in central France. With such students to other, that is to say in the road. Thursday 24 February at Blois, high school students the Dessaignes, the largest in the city with 1700 students and 160 teachers demonstrated against the draft law Fillon. Read more of the article Constance Blanchard, early agitator The president of the National Union schoolgirl 17 years and beliefs. If she fights against the Fillon project is, she said, because there is "deep unease" and defend the "right to the future" students. Read more of the article More mobilization of students against the draft law Fillon The two student unions, the LDIFs and UNL, Tuesday called for a new mobilization, despite their differences, to demand the withdrawal of the Fillon bill on education. This is the first national day of action since the demonstration of 10 February. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Posted by Watrelot on Tuesday, March 8, 2005