As an ODA Member we must have appropriate and effective arrangements in place for dealing with complaints and enquiries. Men could have more chances of getting games from the website with the abundance of female members. The ODA provides overall information on common people users have about dating services but won’t deal directly with individual complaints which are properly the responsibility of member businesses. Approximately 52% of those userbase are females while the remaining 48 percent are men. The ODA monitors enquiry and criticism levels and also the issues complained about.

On the flip side, in terms of age category, the highest numbers comprise men aged 25-34 and females aged 25-34 making up 33 percent and 32 percent respectively. It may backfire if it sees worrying trends or serious matters of concern. Followed by males and females aged 35-44, making up 33 percent and 28% of the whole site inhabitants. Further information about ODA are available here.

The website offers a premium membership with varying discounts according to length. A hyperlink to our customer service arrangements is supplied here. The website accepts payment through PayPal, credit cards or phone payment. Below are the costs for premium membership: 200 coins costs you 9. 300 coins costs you 19. 900 coins costs you 49. 2000 coins costs you 99.

6000 coins costs you 199. Duration Monthly Price Total Price 1 Month 27.30 USD 27.30 USD 3 Month 15.30 USD 45.90 USD 6 Month 12.30 USD 73.80 USD. Are you seeking an honest review on you’ve come to the ideal website then! In this evaluation we break down all the reasons why you shouldn’t trust Juicy FuckSwipe, why it’s not a valid dating site and we also supply you with all sorts of evidence that shows you piece by piece why this is the truth. Be aware that the payment is on auto-renewal. The first thing we realized is that is attached to a couple fake hookup site called, also FoxyOnes.

To prevent undesirable fees, you can cancel your subscription before the end of your initial registration period. This is a website we reviewed a couple of weeks back and both sites look the exact same. If you are female, you are generally great to choose a free account. These are indistinguishable sites owned by the very same people, both sites function precisely the same that is fraudulently.

However, for men, a premium account is needed for higher chances of having a date. One of the main methods used by fictitious dating services to earn money is to send you bogus bogus messages. Below are the attributes available for free users: This website is sending people pretend messages when they join their website. Signing-up — Registration on the website takes just a few minutes. They even admit to it at the terms and conditions page where they state they use bogus "system profiles to communicate with users on their website". You will just have to supply basic information such as your gender, date of arrival, email address, zip code, username, password, and private password.

That information is found in the terms and conditions page. You’ll also be asked about your marital status. We’ve done countless testimonials and two things fake dating sites always do is produce pretend dating profiles plus they ship their members computer-generated fictitious messages. There is no choice for joint accounts for couples, but married people continue to be allowed to make an account. When we say "computer generated" we mean that messages on this website (and countless other bogus dating sites) are shipped and created by automatic software programs called robots.

Upon registration, new users will need to wait 10-15 minutes to be given a confirmation email from the FuckSwipe group to activate your account. Beneath we’ve included a screenshot showing the 3 messages that we received we think are bogus. After activation, you will be presented automatic games even without completing the finer details of your profile. First of all if you take a look at the profile images of those women sending us these mails they have pictures of these and in some instances nude. Create a Profile — Complete profile information are not mandatory, but it might boost your chances of getting more likes and get more precise matches from the daily automated matches. This is odd in our opinion.

The profile incorporates common questions from mainstream dating websites like the cultural and personal history, lifestyle, hobbies, body type, and others.