Who we are

The Delicatezza, opens its doors in the year 2013, to offer a service exquisite of quality, trust and professionalism to the more high level. Are we that our product and work, as well as our effort, is performed with total vocation and dedication, therefore can make the difference between a normal drink, and another that will mark a before and an then on your palate. We have a long experience in the field of the cocktails and the American Cartending. Believe that not is it same a Cocktail made by someone that expert, that a Cocktail made by an expert with vocation by his work. Our vocational sense by the cocktails makes, not simple Cocktails, but works of art that goes far beyond a simple drink.

In our local, you will attend from the best form possible, with music of environment and with some views sensational to the Bay of port of the Carmen.