Our Charter

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Manrique Julep
(Long Drink)

Liquor of Indian tuno (homemade), lime, Orange, grapefruit, gra
pe, strawberry, mix white sugar and moreno, peppermint
, aged rum and soda.

Decoration: fruit dehydrated.

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Daiquiri Matriciana
(Long Drink)

Syrup tomato and parsley (homemade), rum infused with bacon and butter (homemade), natural lime juice, smoked black pepper liqueur (homemade).

Decoration: Macaroni and fried and Caramelized.

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(Short Drink)

Aged rum, syrup, lime and vanilla (homemade), juice of natural lime, Shrub of balsamic vinegar (homemade).

Decoration: fruit dehydrated.

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David Jones
(Long Drink)

Kraken Black Spiced Ron, liquor cacao, spicy syrup (homemade), bitter of chocolate, toffee mix (homemade), white chocolate.

Decoration: fruit dehydrated.

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Happy Birthday Mary
(Long Drink)

Aperol, vodka, shrub of balsamic vinegar (homemade), syrup, lime and vanilla (homemade), juice natural lime, orange juice, bitter chocolate.

Decoration: Peppermint, Orange dehydrated.

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Feng Shui
(Medium Drink)

Ginger liqueur (homemade), juice of natural lime, liqueur of Indian tuno (homemade), Blueberry Juice, Bitter grapefruit syrup, lime and vanilla (homemade).

Decoration: fruit dehydrated.

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The Bitter Achi
(Long Drink)

Vodka, campari bitter, lime juice, lime and vanilla (homemade), soda syrup.

Decoration: Mint and dried fruit.

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The Orchard
(Medium Drink)

Gin, extract natural of artichoke, juice of lime natural, bitter of celery (homemade), syrup of cucumber and avocado (homemade).

Decoration: Peppermint, fruit dried.

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Black Dely
(Long Drink)

Vodka infused with licorice, cherry brandy, syrup, lime and vanilla (homemade), orange juice, lemon juice, cream.

Decoration: Mint and strawberry flambé.

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Cinnamon sticks
(Medium Drink)

Aged rum, licor of coffee (homemade) gingerbread (homemade), syrup, lime and vanilla (homemade), lime juice, Soda.

Decoration: Mint and dried lime.

Negroni dell Monte
(Medium Drink)

Bitter Campari, red vermouth, Emulsion of hazelnut, almond grated.

Decoration: orange peel and Mint.

Do you want Ice Cream?
(Medium Drink)

Geneva Puerto de Indias strawberry, strawberry natural, natural, cream, Basil and orange (homemade) syrup lime juice.

Decoration: waffle or ice cream cone.

Martini Cake
(Short Drink)

Bitter of chocolate, tequila and liqueur cacao, spicy syrup (homemade) and lime juice.

Decoration: fruit dehydrated.

Streets of Milan
(Short Drink)

Aperol, Martini Red, Bitter Absinthe, syrup lime and vanilla (homemade), Lima fresh, grapefruit fresh.

Decoration: Mint and orange peel.

The Bull
(Long Drink)

Cherry tomatoes, basil, spicy syrup (homemade), red vermouth, orange juice, black pepper (home made), syrup tomato and parsley (homemade).

Decoration: cherry tomato and basil.

Delicatezza Time
(Long Drink)

Emulsion of your distillate or favorite liqueur, lime juice, syrup in accordance with distillate or chosen liquor, Home Perfume, spice mix.

Decoration: rose petals.

Five jacks reserve
(Medium Drink)

Vodka infused with ham (homemade), liquor wine Bermejo and Porto (homemade), syrup of melon and Basil (homemade).

Decoration: dried ham or Basil.

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(Long Drink)

Liqueur Benedictine, vodka infusinado with lemongrass (homemade), lemon (homemade) syrup, lime juice, lemon juice, bitter Lavender

Decoration: detergent fairy, green food coloring, liquid nitrogen.

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(Long Drink)

Jinzu gin, syrup of the tea tree (homemade), lime juice, Orange bitters and tea (homemade) soda.

Decoration: sword harakiri.

Home Made
(Medium Drink)

Vodka, syrup of melon and Basil (homemade), juice of cranberry, soda, liqueur of tuno Indian (homemade), juice of lima natural,

Decoration: peppermint.