Gin Tonic


The aim of this course is to offer students theoretical and practical knowledge about the Gin & Tonic, combined daily gaining more followers. The students will have a complement more to your training for to prepare it since is has seen a growth explosive in them letters of bars, restaurants and cocktail bars.


4 hours.


  • Alcoholic beverage and drink distilled.
  • History of the Geneva.
  • What is a pattern?
  • Family and preparation techniques for the production of Gin & Tonic.
  • What glass is used?
  • What ice you need?
  • Accurate measurement.
  • 5 steps to get the Gin & Tonic perfect.
  • The 8 commandments of the Gin & Tonic.
  • Description of some tonic and Gin Premium in the market.
  • Developing practical of the content.