American Bartending

  • -The importance of the barmen / Bartender
  • -The tools necessary to perform a service of cocktails.
  • -The station's work (worksation) and system universal.
  • -Short drink and Long drink. When, how and why I use a certain type of vessel.

(6 hour)

  • -Introduction to the universal system of the table of measures: cl, Oz, seconds (Free Pouring)
  • -Differentiate all liquid products in creating a measure with a short description of the product.
  • -Universal technique for the preparation of cocktails.
  • -Family of the Cocktails.
  • -Juices, premix and color code.
  • -Cutting basic of the fruit (lemon, lime, Orange, Carom, phisalys, strawberry and cucumber)
  • -Theoretical and practical examples.

(12 hours)

-Implement all the theory of the realization of the cocktails with the technique of pouring free.

(It will calculate the time depending on the number of students)

Total duration of the course: about 25 hours.

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